Nike and Manchester United Set to End Partnership


Chad Bray:

Several news outlets reported that Adidas, the German sportswear maker, was likely to succeed Nike. The Financial Times reported that such a deal could be worth up to £750 million over 10 years, making it one of the most lucrative equipment sponsorship deals in sports.

Crazy. Though perhaps not as crazy as the fact that American car-maker Chevrolet will be the main sponsor of the team starting this year (that deal cost $599 million over eight years).

Yes, Man U will be wearing jerseys with a giant Chevrolet logo on the front. (Nike will still be there this year since that deal ends next year.)

Well that’s Man U for ya

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    That’s a fake mockup jersey. It actually looks like this (even larger, even more Chevy). But yeah, between Adidas and...
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    Well that’s Man U for ya
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